On Growth, Stagnation and Reject Substance

Reject energetic substance can entomb and limit us!

To the degree that we do not embrace dynamic vital change, is the degree to which the energetic substance surrounding us will crystallise into a tomb which favours cognitive decline and limitation of our consciousness. If we do not embrace useful change – we stagnate – mentally and energetically.

Simultaneously and paradoxically, the more vitalised change we embrace, the more we eject the embodied substance of our previous reality, and unless this is cleared, it too will crystallise into a tomb of substance – cutting us off from the higher perceptions that fuelled our change! All growth causes us to shed reject substance.

In either case, embracing growth or resting in our comfort bubble, energies will crystallise within our etheric, emotional, and mental bodies eventually forming an impenetrable field or shell of limiting substance that entombs us.

Therefore, our pace of growth and liberation or decline and decay are directly proportionate to the dynamic potency of our Energetic Hygiene Practices! If we do not consciously keep pace with and on top of our energetic needs, our slowly or rapidly released substance will concretise and stifle our ability to grow.

If we cower within our comfort bubble, we slowly stagnate – our higher perceptions never awaken!
But if we grow dynamically and do not maintain pristine energetic hygiene, we are at risk of rapid stagnation due to toxic overload of the energies of limitation we are shedding – thus blocking ongoing access to our higher perceptions!

The Law of Attraction Can Destroy You!

Even worse than being entombed in the crystallised substance of our limitations, is what then follows.

If we do not clear these lower-vibrational energies from around us, they will then flavour all that we think, speak, or do – and colour all we then attract to ourselves. These limiting substances become that which informs our Law of Attraction. I do not need to explain how much of an impact this will have – we do not want our past or limitations to be the keynote of all we draw into our lives.
Yet it does not stop there…

Inner Plane Beings Can Trigger Regression

The qualities of the energies that surround us are also the homing beacon or note that informs the nature of inner plane beings that are drawn to us. The darker that which we are releasing, if not fully cleared, the darker the beings that will be attracted to us! And once they are aligned to us, their presence and focus will work against our growth and liberation by reinforcing and making stronger all the limiting energies we have worked so hard to release.
The Astral Plane alone is filled with low-vibratory denizens seeking humans to manipulate.

This is one of the commonly unknown reasons as to why we “go backwards”, or revert to our old habits, after we have worked hard to free ourselves. It is not just a matter of vigilance and commitment to the new patterns we are cultivating; we must also open to our more subtle energetic perceptions and develop skills in this arena as well.

If we manage and clear our lower energies as they are released, or at least very regularly, we can maintain our attractive note in alignment with our highest embodied consciousness. This then draws to us inner plane beings of a higher order, those aligned to Love-Wisdom and genuine Benevolence. Having this quality of Being focused upon us helps to reinforce our higher nature and keeps us moving forward.

Tools for Transformation

Here are several simple Healthy Lifestyle and Energetic Hygiene Practices that can help clear our reject substances:

Healthy Lifestyle Practices:
Regular gentle exercise.
Silent bushwalks in nature.
Swimming in the ocean or mountain creeks.
20 minutes of gentle sunshine on the skin.

Energetic Hygiene Practices:
Expanding your Heart Fires through your body and out beyond the edge of your aura.
Flying up and diving into the Flames of the Sun.
Running a Gold or Silver Energetic Sieve from well underneath the feet, right up through the body, and beyond the top of the aura – being sure to enclose it and capture anything that was drawn out. Then carefully tossing the Closed Sieve into the Flames of the Sun.
Visualising yourself standing under a pristine Clear Waterfall, allowing the waters to run over and through you – cleansing and rinsing away all that is no longer needed. Be sure to focus these energies right out to the edges of your aura.

Please note that the Physical Lifestyle methods above are considered “unconscious” processes and rely upon our Higher Nature doing the work for us. Like all things, it is of course far more powerful if we do this work consciously, however, a mix of the two types of practice is recommended – rather than relying only on one.

These are just some of the simplest techniques that one can utilise without any training in Divine Alchemy. There are far more advanced methods available that require training to use correctly.

To freedom and growth

Azure Seer

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