On Enlightenment and Beauty

Universal Oneness is an Enlightened Perspective

When incarnate Souls look around and see men and women, heterosexuals and homosexuals; when they see different races, and different nations (and all other such “identities”) – the result of this is an unenlightened culture of separation – for it is only the unenlightened mind that perceives such divisions.

In a global culture of such low level awareness, Vast Love has nowhere to take hold.
Therefore A Culture of Love is Impossible!

Compare this to the awareness of The Enlightened Being, who sees Universal Oneness, and therefore True Beauty – everywhere. Are these not foundations for a Love-based Culture – a Culture of deep connectivity and Heart?

Our Current Environment?

In the current unenlightened environment, all that can ever be collectively created is a culture based in fear, limitations and aggression. For these are the effects of the causal focus of separation and separativeness. However, as soon as we shift our awareness to our Spiritual Selves – and I mean truly, not just some concept of “having a Higher Self”, as is still so common – all of one’s separating identities fall away. Literally and completely. One is then free to create from and as their Higher True Self.

It is only the unenlightened consciousness that states I am a woman, I am a man. I straight, I am gay. I am Asian, I am Black, I am White. I am ………………., anything but “I am a Spirit incarnate, expressing through this unique form”! An Enlightened Being does not identify their current tool of expression as who they are – no more than unenlightened people believe they are the clothes they wear.

So, an enlightened race of incarnate Souls sees with true vision. They see everyone as incarnate Souls, wearing all manner of diverse forms to play and learn and express via. First and foremost they see the commonality and shared kinship of their brethren, all incarnate into this game of life. There is no “other” for the Enlightened Being.

  • There is no other race – just the vastness of humanity.
  • There is no other self – just universal unity of being.
  • There is no separation – just oneness, expressing itself in diversity.

For an Enlightened Being, the true power of the word and blessing “Namaste” comes to full flowering.

Namaste: In Hinduism, it has a spiritual import reflecting the belief that “the divine self (Soul) is the same in you and me”, and connotes “I bow to the divine in you”. According to sociologist Holly Oxhandler, it is a term which means, “the sacred in me recognizes the sacred in you”.

For the Enlightened Being therefore, violence of any kind, unto any other, becomes an impossibility.
If there is no other, if there is only one self, All harm is self harm! And no awakened being would ever cause harm to themselves.

All categorised fear and violence is a product of Socialised Separation.

Violence is a by-product of being programmed with the lower consciousness of otherness – which in turn is ONLY possible when we are taught to identify our bodies as our selves. Namely taught by the unenlightened to be just like them – so they will not be alone in their limited consciousness. All “clubs” are like this.

We who were raised by unenlightened parents, peers, and society are programmed and socialised into the unenlightened consciousness and behaviours of all those who have come before us. All parents, all leaders, all guides in life, “do the best they can with what they’ve got”. However, as most have not been raised by Enlightened Beings, a perpetuating of the consciousness and ways of the unenlightened is the result.
There is no blame in this, and nothing that needs forgiving. It is simply how it is.
That is, until we strive to become more than the products of our upbringings!

Is Humanity ready for a collective step in conscious evolution?

I believe Humanity as a Whole is ready to take a step up in consciousness.

There have always been Enlightened Beings incarnate on Earth, guiding us forward, guiding us towards Unity and Love. Now, I believe we are collectively ready to “hear” this message. Maybe not every single human unit, but certainly a majority, or enough to trigger a tipping point and cascade to awakened (and eventually enlightened) consciousness!

For this to happen, those of us who can, must lift our gaze and identities into our Spiritual Selves.
We must let go of our Limited Human Identities and Be Who We Are – first and foremost.
We must live, and breathe and think and act as Spirits in Forms!
We must shift our attention out of separating and other-ing, if we truly want a genuine chance for Love to reshape our cultures.

As I have asked before, I now ask again…

Q: Are you the body, or are you the one wearing this form? Really?

If you are the Spirit in the form – all others are as well – and therefore there is no “us and them”, there is no “other”. There are just Souls incarnate, all living their lives, creating what they can within the conditions of the hand they chose – namely where and into what environment and form they chose to incarnate.

There is no “other” – all just Souls incarnate together on Earth – One Family – one Kingdom of Being.

And look at all the vast variety of differing forms we have created to experience and express through while incarnate here – how wonderful. How truly beautiful. All of us, full of inner beauty – if we choose to see it. Firstly within our particular form, and then in ALL other forms – everywhere.

The world is truly a smorgasbord of Beauty.
The ugliness that also appears to be everywhere, only exists because we have been programmed to believe we are separate. That we are these forms we wear, rather than the Vast Love and Light dancing in bodies on Earth.

If there was one wish I could have granted – it would be for every single person to see the vast luminous beautiful brilliance that they, and all others, truly are – even just to see this for a moment. So we all know, without doubt, we are not our bodies. That we are in fact all droplets in an Ocean of Love – we are all connected – and we are all one!

This sight I believe would change our world overnight.

In Conclusion…

In lieu of this wish being granted,
I hope I have opened your perception a bit, and reminded you of who you truly are.
I hope you can join me in thinking from and radiating the vast selves we know ourselves to be.
And I hope I have inspired you to consider the language you use – and whether it reflects or denies your True Self.

Let us use our day-to-day lives to embody and radiate at all times, the truth of who we are.
Let us be as one – in thought, in speech, in actions – one grand and beautiful kaleidoscope of diversity!

Love Love Beauty-full Love.

Azure Seer

Tools for Transformation

Like with all information, we must engage and embody it if we want its positive impacts and change in our lives.
This means getting active – Taking Action!

Here are a list of actions you can take, to embody the above principles:

  • Actively strive to see the Divine in all people – Namaste.
  • Determine to live as respect in action – bowing deeply in reverence to the sacredness of all life.
  • Be mindful of your thoughts and words – aiming at all times to think and speak from and as your True Higher Self, and never speaking of others as if they are just their bodies. You can, and should of course, acknowledge the nature of the form they are living in and working through, but do not mistake one for the other – the tool of creating for the craftsman that wields it.
  • Actively seek the Beauty in all people, all forms, and all places – in all of life. And then actively feel True Gratitude for being surrounded so completely by such Beauty.
  • No matter the previous thoughts we have held of other people, strive to see at least One Thing you can admire and love about them, every time you see or think of them. It need not be deep or big – but like asking the question “What am I grateful for?” this too is a focus that continues to make the circumstances of one’s life ever better!
  • And finally, actively cultivate the feeling of enjoyment within these actions. Know you are taking potent positive steps, and so feel the joy in this.

Cheers of Light

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