Hello Beauty-Full Seekers

I’m Back! Well, hopefully… LOL

I have been away for 3 months, engaged in some very deep inner Self-Work, and my, has time flown by quickly! I can barely believe it is Aries already, and our 3 Esoteric Festivals are upon us! The Festival of Christ or Easter at the Full Moon in Aries; the Festival of the Buddha or Wesak at the Full Moon in Taurus; and the Festival of Humanity or Goodwill at the Full Moon of Gemini.

The last several months have been challenging at times, but so worth the effort. All I could probably share about it, is that the work has involved stripping away Layers of Identity, and at the same time, coming to accept aspects of the current Personality Vehicle I am incarnated into.
I do not wish to go any further into details than this, as I prefer to keep my website more about the insights, and less about myself. A lesson many in the New Age could learn from!

The benefits of this deep realignment within me will hopefully become more revealed as I continue to write more content.

I hope you are all doing ok in this time of deep change in the world, no doubt a reflection of the changes going on within us all.


I am currently embarked on two enormous projects: one, restructuring my Esoteric School – Golden Violet Way; and the second is creating a detailed Vision and then Funding Proposal for a Retreat Property for the School – so we can offer far more training in Heart Based Living and Divine Alchemy! I am sure these foci will bleed through into some of my upcoming posts…

As a result of this intensive focus, I am not yet sure if I will be writing and posting content on a weekly basis, or whether it will be a bit more sporadic… time will tell.

Happy New Zodiacal Year!
Azure Seer

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