Gem – Time Usage Reveals True Values

We give our time, money, and energies to that which is important to us.

Regardless of the story you tell yourself, about yourself – where you focus reveals the truth. What you give your time to, the nature of what you read or watch, what you think and emote about – these show you What You Truly Value. Attention and Investment reveal all.

Q: When you reflect on this… Is there a match between your actual self and how you think or say you are?
Q: Will what you give your time, money, and attention to actually create the life expression you seek to live?
Q: Have you utilised the lens of your friends and family, or better yet, a peer or mentor you truly admire – asking them how they see you – as a way of getting a more objective point of view? Though remembering with this one, that generally, we see in others what we most need to see in ourselves; and we see all others, filtered through our auras, which means coloured by our own emotional patterns and clarity, or lack thereof. Even so, seeing oneself through the eyes of another can be useful in clearing some of the illusions and glamours we hold about ourselves!

If there appears to be a mismatch between our narrative and our reality, it means our conscious story is operating as secondary to our subconscious story – our subconscious patterns are dictating how we experience life. In this case, we need to do some Self-Work. Starting with some serious Self-Honesty! And then, seeking to bring into the full light of consciousness, the limiting patterns that are buried within us. We must open to seeing and hearing what is hidden inside us. And in doing so, enabling healing and integration.

It’s never too late to become integrated, aligned within, and authentic. And the best time to start this work is Right Now. Because the longer we avoid doing the work, the harder it becomes, as the limiting patterns reinforce themselves through experiential proof. That is, the patterns create experiences which we then read as proof that the limitation is real. The longer this goes on, the more deeply encoded into our neural pathways and beliefs the limitation becomes!

So, take heart, and take action!
Look to see where you are not integrated, where there is a mismatch in how you are and how you wish to be; strive to be as objective as you can when trying to see yourself “how you are”, as opposed to “how you think you are”; and start the work of self-improvement.
Start investing your time, money, and energy into the self you seek to be.

To your Authenticity
Azure Seer

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