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Reality Creation and the Laws of Nature

Just as, what the individual cells of your body believe, does not automatically change your beliefs or reality; so too, nothing a human being believes as truth, changes the beliefs or reality of the One in whose body we dwell!

So often, when people speak about us “creating our reality,” they totally forget that we are dwelling within a living being who also has the power to “create their own reality.” And this living being, or Planetary Logos, creates within the body of the greater being in which they themselves dwell, in this case, the Solar Logos. All ensouling consciousnesses are lives within greater and then greater lives – onwards and upwards. Each galaxy is just a body of manifestation for a profoundly vast being. The billions of galaxies are simply a cosmic humanity, being born, living, and dying!

As such, whatever choices these Divine Ones within which we dwell, make, creates the environing conditions that we call the Laws of Nature – the principles beyond our ability to change – us being only tiny lives within these far greater lives. These choices are what we experience as Divine Truth. If we do try and use our will to forcibly create outside these natural laws, the cell of life we are becomes recognised as what we call a Cancer Cell, an aberrant or mutating cell that goes against or threatens the wellbeing of the whole organism – which the natural system will seek to isolate and exterminate if possible. This is not to be conflated with what we call “Imaginal Cells” which hold greater visions aligned to the natural higher evolution of the whole or Divine One.

Our Truth is Only Relative

Divine Truth remains True regardless of whether we know it, understand it, or believe in it, or not!
Therefore, just because we believe something is true doesn’t make it so. Our belief may give us an experience of what we believe, at this relative level, which we interpret as confirmation of our truth; but Capital R Reality is created from Above-Down, not Below-Up!

What our cells believe does not define our reality, what we believe defines theirs. In alignment with what we believe, we are free to make choices that support their wellbeing or those that challenge their ability to function – and destroy our incarnate forms in the process. Such is the power wielded by the ensouling consciousness.

What the Divine Beings above us Believe as Truth creates the reality within Their bodies, and thence, forms what we experience as Divine, Absolute, or Capital T Truth!

Hence, as with all conscious lives, we have a conditional creative freewill, as it is relative to the belief-conditions of those within which we dwell.

In Clear Truth
Azure Seer

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