Can Aliens Simply ‘Come to Earth’?

What is an Alien Visitor?

“Alien” is a title we humans generally use to describe a lifeform that comes from another world or solar system. To explore whether these lives can actually physically come to earth, we need to understand the levels of life or being within which we dwell, for all interbeing travellers will encounter the energy field or outer aura and all natural defences of any being whose body they seek to enter.

For this subject to make fuller sense, we need to consider the place of humans in the scheme of life and beingness.

We Live Inside Vaster Living Beings

Most humans are so identified with their flesh, so dense-centric in their consciousness, that they do not see that all matter is alive, that everything we perceive (and then some) is the life expression of greater and greater conscious beings.

Humans dwell within the Earth, the Earth within the Solar System, the Solar System within a Constellation, and outwards this continues into ever-greater living forms – all are bodies of living conscious beings.

As we physically drill down, we realise that beneath the appearance of solid matter, there is more and more space and less and less substance, and it is all arranged and embodied as ever smaller lives. As we physically drill up, we realise the same thing is true, more space, less substance, except now, the lives are ever vaster. We are cells of a planetary body, our planet is a cell of a greater body, our solar system a cell of a greater body still. The cells make up molecules, molecules make up organs, organs make up bodies, and each of these are the vehicle of incarnation for some level of being. Galaxies are beings of immense scale, and their major constellations are their major energy centres. All is alive, all is life. And all is bound by the principles of life.

And this only describes the dense planes of solid, liquid, gas, and the four ethers, but does not even factor in the nature and expressions of lives moving up through the Planes of Perception – within the Astral, Mental, Buddhic, and beyond.

Note: This last point I am sharing differs from the Esoteric Science teachings of Alice A. Bailey. In her books, principally A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, she links planetary, solar, and vaster beings up to and through the higher planes of perception. To my perception, these are all still physically incarnate beings, and even though their bodies of manifestation are greater in scale, they are still physically incarnate, and thus dense-level beings! My perceptions tell me that while the same principles apply in regards the process and ability to connect and communicate with such vast physical beings as they do with beings dwelling in ever higher planes of perception – that all such beings and levels of consciousness beyond the planetary logos are essentially far beyond the ability of incarnate humans to reach – vast scale physical beings are Not the same as vast higher-vibrational beings. To conflate the two is a great error. Simply because we incarnate humans can only conceive of other incarnate beings of ever greater scale, does not in any way rule out beings of ever greater vibration – those that are far beyond the need for dense bodies of any scale! I may be the one in error, but this will have to be decided in some distant future, when the human mechanism is far more evolved than it is now.

Note: For the rest of this Article, I will limit my references to “physically incarnate beings of different scales.”

All Bodies, at All Scales, have Defences

Just as our own bodies have an active “immune system” which (unless we are vulnerable or unwell with limiting mental and emotional patterns, or poor physical habits) keeps sickness-causing intruders out; so too does the Planetary Logos, whose body is the planet earth, and the Solar Logos whose body is the solar system! Neither our planet nor our solar system is without radiant protection to keep intruders out.

Negative Beings from outside our system cannot simply “choose to come here.” Firstly, they must see the solar system, and for this, just like it is for humans, they must be vibrating in a fair degree of harmonic alikeness to the consciousness and energies of our Solar and Planetary Logi. Secondly, we could say, our system, like the environment within our body is to bacteria, must offer some welcoming, hospitable, and nurturing energetic conditions – a place within which they want to dwell. Thirdly, even if there are some limiting patterns present which creates a window of entry, the intruders must first get past the immune systems of the Solar and Planetary Logi! And fourthly, if the intruders do succeed with all of the above and find an entrance into our Solar System, they can be stopped from having any deleterious effects by the beings that are the Solar or Planetary Logi’s energetic defences – unless of course, there is active Cosmic Karma at play, which means that either celestial being must experience an illness and the resulting suffering.

The Lumineer of Divine Alchemy

As each of us are the Logos or God to all the smaller lives within and which comprise our dense bodies; we can call on, or work with these groups of lives – like the bacteria in our guts – to boost our defences. And not just those lives that comprise our dense forms, we can also call on the etheric, astral, mental, and soul-ar lives, working causally from above-down, to assist our dense bodies. Likewise, the Solar and Planetary Logi can call on Human Initiates that have been trained in groups to work in a similar fashion to our white blood cells, to help defend Their bodies. These are the “Lumineers,” those skilled in Healing the Darkness, or as some call it, Standing Against the Darkness. For they are the vanguard, those who seek and clear dark intruders, and help others who are being manipulated by, or have fallen into, malevolence and darkness themselves.

However, the Lumineers do not do this work only within groups of other humans. We have support from the inner plane allies we call Masters and Guardians, and even at times, from the Vast Celestial Ones themselves. Just as we humans can make choices to nourish and strengthen the lives within us, or direct energy inside to wherever it is needed most – so these smaller lives can best support our vibrant wellness – so too can the Greater Ones nourish and strengthen us to support Them in Their times of need.
As Above, So Below. As Within, So Without.

Of course, if we are going to be energised by beings greater than ourselves, we must be trained, skilled, and practiced in handling such force, we must be fortified and grounded, lest we get damaged and harmed by the sheer potency! Without training and appropriate techniques, these energies will only serve to crack us open in ways that make us vulnerable to the very Dark Beings (DB) we are striving to deal with. Wisdom, Patience, and Selflessness are ever the measure of Love at Work.

Diversity and True Alignment

Not all cells and beneficial bacteria are used in “active defence,” and the same is true of Humans in the Bodies Divine. We have differing functions depending on our Ray Makeup and Spiritual Age. With the cells and molecules in our bodies, diversity of form and function is essential. But, if the appointed cells do not fulfil their allotted and necessary function, the whole organism suffers. If our white blood cells for example, do not fulfil their task, then life is indeed dire for the person!

Likewise with humans and the Divine Body within which we dwell, if we answer not our true calling (if we are at the stage of evolution where we have an active Soul Calling), and do not fulfil our function, the whole planet, and sometimes the solar system, suffers. Great is the need to surrender to our Higher Calling, but many are the excuses to avoid sacrifice to selfless service – especially for those folks living in The Entitled Modern World and desirous of continual stimulation, entertainment, and sensory gratification!

If it weren’t for the work of the Lumineers, or defending cells, who do answer the call – the solar system and planet would have far less protection from intruders or Aliens than they do! So, for the work of the Lumineers, we should all be grateful.

Note also that the being whose body is the earth, is not yet an Enlightened Being at their relative level of living, as sickness cannot manifest in the body of an enlightened one. This is why sickness, evil, and darkness can still manifest on earth, and why the earth is considered a “non-sacred” planet. The Planetary Logos is as yet an imperfect being, and so, an imperfect body filled with imperfect lives is the result. And this is the window through which aliens or intruders may perhaps enter. It is the window of opportunity to clear some of our Dark Psychic Karma and for Energetic Service in the Art of Divine Alchemy – the Transmutation of Darkness to Light.

Tools for Transformation

Perhaps the above has stirred something within you?
Perhaps, as you are one of the small numbers who have found yourself reading this article, it is a Way Marker? And perhaps, just perhaps, you feel called to the work of the Lumineer?

If this post has stirred something within you, you should seek your Soul and ask if this deep inner work of Wielding Love and Light may be Its true calling for you, even if it is a brand-new concept and direction for you the Personality. If so, know this; you must find a Heart-Based Group within which to work, as the Dark Beings, who ever work individually and in duality, do not willingly work in trinity or above, they are too separative – and to do so would require Love, rather than Will and Intelligence alone. When they try to work with Love direct, it illumines their darkness, and thus converts or heals them back to the evolutionary path. Therefore, if you try to work alone or only with one other, the DB can most easily manipulate you with their malevolence – without you even realising! There is truth to the expression “Safety in Numbers!”

And of course, beyond a group, you need training, but sadly, many schools and movements in the New Age lack in esoteric knowledge about the DB, and hence, unwittingly and unknowingly serve their dark agendas. A great sadness indeed. So, you must seek and assess with great care. Many more folk wish to serve these days, but “fools rush in where angels fear to tread” and end up spending their time battling convincing illusions rather than the Dark Ones who create such illusions with great skill! Before this energetic work can be safely embraced, one must invest deeply in purification of body, emotions, and mind – and especially – cleaning out limiting selfish beliefs, attachments, desires, and erroneous identities – finally, transmuting low-level vices to high-level virtues.

To our collective health, wellness, and protection.
Azure Seer

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