Gem – The Perpetual Loop of Lack and Desire!

“All Desire is the Result of Experiencing Lack!”

There is not a single thing we desire that is not driven by lack. If we had it, we would not desire it – it is as simple as this.

Sometimes we desire something because we lack it completely, other times it is something we have, but we desire more of it – we lack the volume or quotient of it we desire.
Either way, desire is lack in action!

Is Lack your Primary Driver?

The extension of desire being lack in action is that: As most everything we do is driven by some desire or other, most everything we do is therefore driven by lack! Woah!

What does this insight mean for us who are consciously on a spiritual journey?

It shows us that when we allow our desires to drive our life path, we are defaulting to lack as our navigator.
Navigating by lack or scarcity is like choosing from fear, it is a low-vibrational reality, and few, if any choices made from this level are truly wise and supportive of our growth into an embodiment of Love.

How do we choose correctly in response to the recognition of something we lack?

It is true that we often learn what something is, by experiencing what it is not. But once we recognise something we don’t want, once we recognise a lack; it is better practice to affirm with gratitude that that which we want is already present in our lives, rather than “desiring it”.
For wanting only perpetuates lack! If we had it, we would not be feeling a lack of it, and we would not be desiring it.

Therefore the sponsoring thought behind all desire, is that you do not have it – and this is what you create through lack-based desire! Wanting only creates more wanting. Thus manifests the perpetual loop of lack and desire.

This little gem is another reason why all true spiritual paths teach control of emotions and desire.

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