Gem – Opening to Expansive Inspiration

We can all cultivate states of being, as this is part of the human condition

Do you possess the ability to consciously direct your consciousness?
Of course you do!
Can you cultivate a state of being through simply focusing?
Of course you can!
These skills are part of what defines us as human beings.

This morning in conversation I was asked: “What energies are you cultivating and creating?”
I had to check within in order to answer. “Right now I am gathering my attention to do a little study and some more writing – so I am focused on creating, or opening to, expansive inspiration.”

They responded by asking me “How do you open or expand to create inspiration?”
This was my reply:

Curiously no one has ever asked me this before lol. So I will need to directly investigate.
Two things come to mind:

  • Expansive Inspiration is a state of being, as are being in Gratitude or Love.
    How do you feel Gratitude, or Love?
  • With my focus on opening, I guess it looks something like this:

I choose to let go of all my everyday thoughts and narratives, which creates a deeper stillness within me.

I focus on the idea of opening to something greater than myself.

I shift my focus from my separated self-focused mind, opening outwards-within, to a field of shared intuitive perception – perhaps the higher levels of the collective consciousness, and higher than that. I open into the Soul I Am, and higher again, into the realms where Great Masters dwell.

Through doing this, my Heart Centre expands, and a field where anything is possible, develops.

From within this state I welcome/open to the singular concept or idea I wish to explore. The core of that which I intend to create.

Never underestimate the Power of your Attention!

It is interesting when we directly explore something we simply do.
When we look into what is actually happening, or what steps we go through within – especially when what we are doing is so familiar that these processes are now below our threshold of consciousness.

Of course I do not know whether everyone can simply turn their attention within and clearly see such steps. It does require a perception finely attuned to attention to detail.

But even if this does not happen so readily for you, there are profound benefits in simply shifting the focus with this open exploratory intention in mind!

As is so often the case, our power is awakened through our attempts, through taking action.
We will never know the power or skills we contain through theory alone. We come to embodiment through engaged action.

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