Gem – On Harmlessness

Peace starts on your plate

Harmlessness is one of the greatest of all human virtues, one of the foundational pillars of the Heart.
To strive for Harmlessness is to demonstrate Love. To demonstrate Love is to embody an aspect of Heart Based Living! Choose to oppose violence, rather than perpetuate it – afterall, you are what you eat!

No being alive wants to experience pain. And likewise none want their lives ended prematurely.
The greatest of human beings have always demonstrated Love through Harmlessness. That is, striving at all times to give what they desire for themselves, and also what they wish all beings to have – Peace and Love.

When a being dies in fear, like all do when they sense their impending death, their bodies get filled with the hormones of fear. This extremely low-vibrational substance crystallises into the bloodstream of the animal. So one is literally eating the energy of fear, harm and death. This being so, how could you possibly expect to have a life of peace and love – let alone have ANY chance of connecting to your high-vibrational Higher Self? And as for Enlightenment, that is definitely off the menu of possibilities!

Deeply realise that “Peace starts on your plate”.

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