Gem – Material Wealth Does Not Evidence an Awakened Heart

Abundance is Not proof you are Heart Based!

Many people believe that an indication a spiritually focused person is mastering life, is when they are “doing well” or are “financially abundant”. They think this accumulation of wealth is evidence they are balanced, in harmony, and that clearly their Heart is open. They presume they are aligned to their Soul and “in flow”, and that the Universe or the Divine is honouring or rewarding their efforts.

However, doing well, or so-called thriving in our modern western world, Does Not Always Mean you are well balanced and have Awakened your Heart. On the contrary, one can become a Master of Manifestation without Love – in fact emotional desire (not to be mistaken for Love) fused with mind is a powerful combined force that can manipulate the physical world with ease!

To make matters worse, incarnate humans in this age tend to identify as their form, and many have forgotten basic spiritual laws like Reincarnation and Karma. As such, rarely do you hear people considering past karma as a determinant as to whether they are or are not able to create great wealth. Instead of seeking Soul-level perception, to know what their correct “lot in life” should be this time, they get busy imposing personality will upon all around them. It may be that they abused their resources in a recent previous life, and the Soul deemed it necessary to have a life of struggle to balance the books. Or the opposite could also be true, you could have had a life with very little “abundance”, and now the Soul wishes to learn how to correctly handle money, and so, draws in great wealth with ease to generate the perfect learning grounds. Hence the having or not of money may have little to nothing to do with the actions of the current incarnate personality, and everything to do with the Soul’s choices for that incarnation!

Material Manifestation is often Black Magic!

The ones we call Dark Beings or DB, are also masters of life and living – there is a reason they are called “The Lords of Materialism”!

Important to note is the fact that an Awakened Heart can get in the way of ruthless acquisition! It is far easier in our world to create financial abundance if one is not limited by Heart Based Ethics. And this is Black Magic.

In truth, an Awakened Heart can get in the way of ruthless acquisition! It is far easier in our world, to create financial abundance without Heart Based Ethics. And this is Black Magic.

In short therefore, more often than not, those who have acquired great financial wealth are actually treading the Dark Path of Separative Materialistic Greed – they are Matter-focused, not Spiritually-focused at all! At worst, they are active members, conscious or not, of the Black Lodge; at best they are being used by Black Magicians to perpetuate Darkness and Evil on earth.

The Karma of material greed is bad enough, but it is far worse for those who then teach or empower well-intentioned spiritual people in the Ways of Materialism!

The Difference Between Desire and Love

One of the reasons for confusion in this area is that many people believe Love is an Emotion – it is not! And the reverse therefore is also true, they believe Desire comes from the Heart Chakra – it does not – it emanates from the Solar Plexus Chakra. This confusion creates a belief that because we desire something, Love is what will bring it into manifestation – this too is Illusion! Desire and Mind are quite separate from the Pure Deep Stillness within the Heart Chakra – which always manifests as The Greatest Good For All. It is the embodiment of Selflessness, Harmlessness, Benevolent Service, Dispassionate Compassion, Wisdom, True Balance, and Lovingkindness at all times.

Mind Driven Desire is perfectly potent for manifesting in the physical world, as evidenced by the Selfishness within many who have great wealth – it is quite possible to create and hoard abundant wealth without an Awakened Heart – without Love! Desire and Mind not held in check by the Heart, IS the Path of Darkness, and will keep a Human Soul trapped in perpetual karma generation and well-bound to the wheel of rebirth!

To avoid falling into Darkness, one must truly Awaken their Heart and ensure that all you conceive of and desire, is genuinely selfless, and in alignment with Goodwill or the Spirit of Generosity.
Let us all stand and create within the Light!

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