Gem – Conscious Living Requires Leaps of Faith

Gem Category Image in LimeWhilst walking your path in life, do you sometimes experience a barrier within you: whereby, unless you are feeling inspired, you cannot take action?

This pattern is present in many folk, for as humans yet to reach enlightenment, we often have to take action before clarity appears. Let us explore this idea.

There are many things we must do in life on the path that require us to rely on an intuitive flash or guidance from the Masters, and therefore without full comprehension, nor yet the appearance of inspiration, flow energies or certitude – actions that require us to take a leap of faith.
And then only once we are in action does the confirmative energy state appear. Only then, do we feel the flow and clear sense of rightness!

If we choose to wait until inspirational energies appear, we will never truly transform anything – for without new actions, all we will ever feel are the same stagnant energies of our current reality. To feel the vibrant fresh energies that are present in inspired flow, we must first make change, take action, do things differently.

Was there ever a more relevant time to remind ourselves of this expression of truth: “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got”!
I’d wager it is near impossible to feel inspired flow while circling around inside your comfort zone, and without taking action to make change!

If you are not currently dwelling in the state of connected expansiveness most of the time, it is highly likely you are not aligned to your Purpose, but are caught in the patterns of your past – and instead dreaming of, or wishing to be in that place. For we all know how great it feels to be living aligned to our Purpose, to feel those delicious clear flow state energies.

This therefore leads to Two Powerful Questions:

How do we take New Actions when we are not feeling “inspired expansiveness”?
How do we choose to act differently when so much within us wants to keep us safely tucked up in the familiar warmth of our comfort zone?

The Answer is actually quite simple!
Firstly we need to remind ourselves that no new action means no change, which means we will Never realise our dreams.
And secondly, must also remember that we already know to what star we are navigating – we know what our biggest dream truly is. We may not be certain of it, nor aware of every detail, or all the necessary steps to get there; but most of us at the very least know some elements of the life we seek to live.

Therefore have faith and take a step in that direction! It need not be a huge step, or a frightening leap… but Move You Must! You need to be In Motion to be able to choose the direction you are traveling. You can imagine where you’d like to be, but without action, this will remain but a dream.

Once in action you will know pretty quickly if inspiration and flow appear, or you will receive the internal feedback that it was not the best choice of direction. Either way this new data will allow you to course correct. Simple.
And thus you will be one step closer to realising your Dreams or Purpose.

Be Wary of Procrastination 

It is always better to get moving and course correct on the go, than to allow the Mantra of Procrastination to hold us frozen in comfortable stagnation! “Once I have……., then I will………!”

If we forever wait for absolute certainty, or the perfect moment or conditions, we will stagnate in life.
We must get comfy with the idea and process of taking leaps of faith – small and large alike. We need to be in motion for our guidance system to be in operation. It does not work when motionless – because absolutely Everything is in potential when we occupy a singular point in space. All possibility is already everywhere, if we want our Purpose or Dream to appear from that omnipresent potential, we need to get specific. We need to limit all possibility down to a specific possibility. That creation is an act of limitation may seem counterintuitive to some, but it is nevertheless so. We must continue to mould all possibility, step by step, down into one appearance. We do this by ruling out with each choice in motion, what our Dream or Purpose IS NOT, thus leaving in manifestation, what IT IS.

And finally… It is said: “Fortune favours the bold”. Yes if you Trust yourself and take a leap, you will call forth profound skills from within you – often those that you never knew were there. Additionally, you will also draw to you all manner of external support!
Fortuitous outcomes are definitely more frequent in the lives of those who believe and have faith in themselves. So get in motion, dare to fully and boldly live your life!

In Bold Action…

Azure Seer

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