Gem – Authentic Sharing Creates Heart-Based Relations

Freely Giving and Receiving are at the heart of Heart-Based Relations. Without authentic sharing, our connections will be based in the emotions or the concrete mind, and not the Heart.

We must Give in order to Receive. And we must give that which we wish to receive – open and genuine authenticity – if a Heart-Based Relationship is what we seek. We must embody and demonstrate the openness of the Heart. First, we demonstrate Trust by giving openly of ourselves, the bond of the Heart forms as we are received without Judgement, and then as we both give, the energies flow freely between us, connecting us in Love.

It is on the individual to stand, open up and share with the members of their Group (spiritual, social or familial) – in order to form the “community” that creates the sense of belonging we all need in life. It is Not the responsibility of the other members to continually chase you to ask what is happening in your life, where you are at psychologically, and what is occupying your focus – it is your responsibility to offer these things freely to those you care about, to include them in your life. If you wait to be chased, you are demonstrating the coldness of separativeness and are therefore disempowering yourself.

“I stand in my authenticity, and freely open to you that you may know me, and that we may be kindred.”

Beyond giving openness we must also give listening (be open to receiving) – so we do not block the flow. It is our responsibility to open up and hear, when those we love choose to share – that is, if we truly want a genuine and meaningful relationship with them.

Without this free-flowing openness, there is no true inclusion nor community, and we are weakened by our separation. The desire to be secretive or expect others to do all the work of striving to know you, is one of the many ways Separatism works!

Of course, as we open ourselves without censorship, we also open our Hearts, and therefore we become each other’s Beloveds.
This will cause a natural flowing desire to know of your beloved’s welfare and what they are creating within themselves and their life. With this will come a genuine desire to enquire about them, even before you share of yourself (or they open up to you). This is natural and fine – so long as it is not a deflection allowing you to avoid sharing, and thereby remaining closed, secretive and separated.

Heart-Based Relations will atrophy without authentic free sharing!

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