Gem – A Radical Solution to Fear

Are the fears you hold about yourself, your narrative of being unworthy, holding your life expression in limitation?!

One major Solution to Fear, is to stop judging and resisting whatever it is you are fearful of. This is especially relevant to what you fear about yourself.

“Where our fear lies is where our true power exists.”
We open to that power through embracing the content of our irrational fears. We will never find that power through avoidance or resistance.

If you truly want to embrace your inner power, do it boldly and completely!

An exercise that can be helpful is as follows…
Temporarily accept that you have no value, that you are utterly worthless, and that you will fail, be rejected, and die.
As shocking as this may sound, as an exercise it is extremely powerful!

You, the person you think you are, is a fallacy, a story you have created, an Identity Entity – but this is Not Who You Are. You are the living expression of a Human Soul. You are Spirit in Matter. Embrace this greater truth, and with it, open to the vast force of nature you Truly Are.

Be Kind to Yourself

Perhaps you, the Personality, has some flaws, some limiting patterns, some lack of skill, so – do not limit yourself to your Personality alone – open to your Greater Self. Let its Brilliant Light shine into and illuminate all the darkened parts of your woeful story and small self.

If you simply accept everything you fear about yourself as “likely true,” at least in some measure, you can then stop wasting so much energy in Resistance. Instead, you can direct all that energy into mastering your Personality and achieving whatever your fears are stopping you from achieving.

Whatever you give focused energy to, you create and empower! So do not give your attention to fear-based resistance. Surrender. Accept your imperfections, judge them not, and instead, put your energy and attention onto Being the Great, Vast, and Empowered Self You Truly Are!

In Bold Fearless Love
Azure Seer

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