Explanation of the ‘Solar Full Moon’

In Esoteric Astrology the Full Moon is Designated by the sign the Sun is Transiting

The Full Moon is often called an Open Door, but in reality, it is a Reflector. It has no radiant power, it is a dead world, and it reflects only the Light of the Sun.
The Light and energies of the Sun are qualified by the constellation it is transiting, and it is these energies that the Full Moon pours onto Earth – with only a small quantity of energy from the opposite constellation, which the moon is transiting, due to its alignment.

Consider the configuration of the celestial bodies at the time of the Full Moon:
Constellation – Sun – Earth – Moon – Constellation
The Sun has far greater ‘pulling power’ than the Moon – it is a far greater Open Door. Therefore, it is the constellation the Sun is in that will denote the strongest astrological energies at the time of the Full Moon.

Think about this question: If not at the time of the Full Moon, at what other time of month is the Sun going to pour forth the energies of the constellation it is transiting?


Engaging the Full Moon Energies in Meditation

“Meditation is a potent method of service to humanity when the mind is used as a channel for the reception of the energies of light and love and the will-to-good, and their direction into human consciousness. The moment of the full moon each month offers the greatest opportunity for meditation – particularly in group formation – to be used as a means of cooperation with the Divine Plan or Intention for our world.
One may ask, what has the moon got to do with it? The energies of light and love and the will-to-good are always available to those who can contact them in meditation. But in all aspects of our planetary life there are cycles in the ebb and flow of spiritual energies with which groups, as well as individuals, can consciously cooperate.”¹

Considering the ebb and flow of spiritual energies…
“One of the major energy cycles coincides with the phases of the moon, reaching its peak, its high tide, at the time of the full moon. This is a time, therefore, when the channelling of energy through group meditation can be uniquely effective.
The moon itself has no influence on the work; but the fully-lighted orb of the moon indicates a free and unimpeded alignment between our planet and the sun, the solar centre, the energy source for all life on Earth.”¹ “When the moon is full, it is out of the way of the sun.”²

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