What you think is not true!

Everything you think is a lie!

Or more accurately it is un-truth.

All thoughts are a commentary about things, about people, events, about Truth.
Thoughts are the illusory creations that Fill your mind.
Some thoughts are relatively true, in that they simply describe something – they are just a worded sensory observation. So in their utter simplicity are relatively true.

Let’s be clear about this with an example…..
“It is hot today.” This is not true, because it is a subjective statement. Hot compared to what exactly? How it felt 2 months ago? Hot for you is not the same as hot for someone from a different climatic zone. Hot as in lava hot, or hot as in 10°C is hot compared to 40°C below zero?

“It hit 37°C today.” This is a true statement. As it is an objective fact – but is it!?

This is a statement based on humans measuring a phenomenon we label as temperature, with a human-made thermometer, and ascribing a number to it. So while it is a fact that is agreed upon by most… it is still a commentary added onto our experience of reality.

Thoughts give relative functionality.

Thoughts give us a shared description of our world, even though no two people experience reality in exactly the same way.
Most thoughts truly are just arbitrary narratives, or descriptions, of our direct experiences. They are stories we tell.

Our thoughts fill our heads from before waking, to after sleeping. They weigh us down.
That is… if we invest in them by thinking any of them are true!
All these thoughts that we believe to be real (I think it, therefore it is true), fill our heads and block us from the direct experience of our Minds – our Truer Reality – that which all thought arises within!

Most everything the majority experience, is merely a reflection, or by-product of the workings of the lower mind, and never a glimpse of higher Mind is ever had. Too many thoughts, and thoughts about thoughts, occluding true seeing.

The brain, the concrete mind, is a wonderful tool – except when you believe it is who you are, and all that comes from it to be real! Then it is a trap of your own making.

It is quite farcical speaking of the mind-trap, and that I must use thoughts to describe how un-true thoughts are! The irony is not lost on me.

Thoughts are the great illusion that blocks us from directly experiencing Reality. When we are freed from their grip, when we choose, every moment, reality over the un-truths that fill our minds, we become truly Light.
All that weighs us down, literally and figuratively, is released. The weight of our investment in falsity is lifted. Light Flight then becomes immediately present, in the present. We are free. Unfettered. No longer weighed down by illusory reality.

Why do more people not see beyond the illusion and live free?

The “truth” is we are addicts!
We are addicted to thoughts, to words, to the feelings and then actions that thoughts create.
We are so addicted to this substance, that we believe it is truth, we even believe it is who we are! Yes most (even unconsciously) believe they are their thoughts. They have lost themselves so deeply into this addiction, they do not even realise there is a “self” beyond the experience of them.


Especially when you think how many people are incarnate on this planet – and nearly every one of them in an addiction trance of their own making.
And then when you see how each addict spends their life justifying and reinforcing the addiction of every other addict; you realise humanity is near stuck, in a loop of perpetual collective delusion.
Sad to the utmost!

But do not start thinking thoughts of despair… for there is a way to freedom.

Firstly, just hearing these words offers you the opportunity to open up, by considering not all you believe to be real – is in fact real. Not all you believe to be true – is in fact true.
This is a great blessing, right here, right now!

And secondly… there is action you can take in this moment… to set yourself free.

Tools for Transformation

I invite you in this instant, to let go of all thoughts, including all the thoughts you just read. And the thoughts about these thoughts.
I invite you to seek what is deeper than thoughts.
To seek that which all thoughts arise within, that which observes the thoughts.
Let go of all commentary, all narratives about what you think is real.
Just Stop. Really stop. And seek direct experience of Reality Itself.
Step into the void that precedes all thought.

And also now, let go of the thoughts you’re having about this process… just surrender, just for now.
Breathe, and let go of agitated cravings or aversions… deeper than that.
Let go the masks and see what is always present, beyond the addiction.
Open to the vast stillness.
Stay here.


Azure Seer

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