What is your Shared Service?

Only Together can we walk the Heart Path!

As “Life is Service”, for those consciously on The Spiritual Path… I have a question for you.

But before I ask this question, let me create some context, lest the question be taken into your mind, rather than your Heart! For the true answer to this question can Only be found within your Heart. You will instead find an aberrated answer, if you seek this mentally.

In the present time, it is essential to walk The Spiritual Path within a Group Mandala, for Love is Group Consciousness. Love is never singular. For Love to Be Love, it must be “Universal”. Only Darkness works in separative, individualistic or dualistic ways. To awaken Love therefore requires we work with others.

Going deeper… for a Spiritual Group to be an empowered vessel for Living Service, it must be cohesive in one primary area.

The cohesiveness within a group is Shared Purpose – that is to say Shared Service.

Shared Purpose and Service are built upon Shared Beliefs. These are the glue that binds the individual members into a Unity – it is what makes a Group Mandala possible.

Returning to our main question…
For a group to be a Heart Based Group, we must each know each other’s answer to the question I have for you. But before this group-wide sharing and cohesion can occur, we must of course each know this answer within ourselves.
Its importance is paramount, for this awareness is (or should be) our Conscious Guiding Light!

Note: I recognise that I am about to address you as an individual. I do this because for most humans, we experience our consciousness as separate from the Great Ocean of Love. We may know we are all droplets within the one great ocean, yet our sense of self still persists as a droplet. We are all connected points of Light, yet we still experience ourselves as individual points, not yet as One Great Light.
So while this is the case, it is important to ensure our outer droplet of expression, is as clearly aligned as possible to its Greater Reality.

Of course in Meditation, we can indeed experience dissolution into the whole, as the whole. But when we return to waking consciousness, we must all still function here, as awakened droplets.

So Now my Question to You:

“What is it you truly want to do for, or give to, the world? What is your intuitive future vision of this, and of living this?”

As a person consciously on a Spiritual Path, you of course should be able to answer immediately, as your consciousness would be deeply anchored into your Heart, and this Vision would always be forefront in your awareness. It is your inner Guiding Star, towards which you navigate, and which you co-measure all of your choices against.

If you do not know, your response would be the answer to this question: “What precisely are you doing each day to awaken this knowing?”
For without this knowing, you are tumbling rudderless; and even mainstream folk often have more certitude of direction!

So yes… this is the question I have for you today.

Many Angles Converge

However this question can also be asked in many other ways. I will write these as “You would ask Yourself”, so they are useful Tools for those of you as yet unable to answer my primary question:

  • What is my Authentic Giving, my True Service?
  • What energises me with a Fire for Living and Giving?
  • What is the True Beauty I am gifting the world?
  • What is my Personal Note in the great Harmonic Choir of life?
  • What Unique Hue is it my gift to offer the Kaleidoscope of multitudinous colours of life?
  • What particular Joy is it my calling to share and gift others with?
  • In what ways am I to Share Love in the world?
  • What Selfless Giving fills me to overflowing with Gratitude, when I realise it is My Calling to give in this way?
  • What Great Need in the world pulls me into my Heart and ignites my Fires to Serve?

Perhaps one of these other angles speaks more loudly to you, or links you more clearly to your Authentic Self. If so, use that one, and dive deep!

All of these questions are really the One Question, as they all point your awareness to a singular place – the centre of Luminous Brilliance within you. They all lead your consciousness to your Authentic Self. For this Self is Heart Centred and seeks to give like a Radiant Sun. Selfless Joyous Giving is its Keynote, its Love Frequency.

It is only interested in receiving what it needs, so it is able to give in a Wise and Balanced way. However it is not self-sacrificing in a destructive or unsustainable manner, for it is an embodiment Love-Wisdom.

This Self knows The Divine manifests in Trinity and above – never in the singular or dualistically – despite the commentary of the unenlightened.

This Self knows that if we want to avoid being overrun by mind, we need to work consciously within a Spiritual Group, as we need three or more to anchor the Divine! And that Initiations and Enlightenment can no longer be achieved alone – as Great Love is needed to balance mind, and Love IS Collective.

And, this Self knows we have awakened as a species so much mind and mental capacity, that we now need Greater Love, that is Great Universal Consciousness so we do not further aberrate into the coldness of mind – to not become dark and unloving, as we become empowered through Awakening!

So yes…. today’s Question is about Clear Awareness of Shared Service – the Joyous Keynote of the Conscious Spiritual Seeker.

All Truly Is One

In Truth all Purpose is Shared Purpose, all Service is Shared Service, as the Kingdom of Souls works as a Unity. Therefore all Purposes that we incarnate with, and eventually awaken awareness of, have all been planned as an interwoven Fabric of Love. In truth, there is no such thing as Individual Purpose – just lack of awareness of how our Note fits within the Great Harmonic.

This lack of awareness is frequently the case, because the seeker is still too anchored into their Individual Consciousness, that is, their mind, and not truly awakened to the Love in their Heart. For if they were awakened to Love, they would know with clarity where and how their note harmonised with the whole, and likely know with whom their Soul planned to work to achieve the Greatest amount of Loving Change in the world.

Collective Focus brings Loving Awareness – Individualistic Focus brings Selfish Awareness. It really is a simple equation.

Tools for Transformation

Once you have your Service Vision and Guiding Star clearly in sight.
There are more tools available for you.

If at present you experience plentiful limitations in your lifestream, you might need to start with these:

  • What thing or pattern is most in the way of this Visioning?
  • What one thing or pattern can I change that will open this Visioning even more to me?
  • Is there anything I especially need to re-frame or release?

Once you are clearer and feel much less limitation, then these:

  • Is there anything I especially need to cultivate?
  • What is the next most important inner step I need to take, in order to enable and create this Service Vision?

And then when you are ready to Step Up fully into the Heart and Collective Group Visioning:

  • What is the Joyous River of Service, within which I have a part to play?
  • Who are the other rivulets I need to flow with? Where will I find them?

And once you have the Vision clear in sight, take a deep breath and Take Action – there is no time like The Present!

Purpose Be Ours

Azure Seer

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