The Power of the words “I Am”!

Words Are Creation

Words have power. Words create reality. Therefore we must choose our words most consciously and deliberately.
Two of the most powerful words we can ever speak are “I Am”. Whatever follows these words gets directly written into our life experience!

When we say I am scared, upset, angry, sad. I am excited, happy, thrilled. These words anchor our consciousness into our vessel of expression. Better to say “I Am feeling fear, anger, sadness; excitement, happiness, thrilled.” Do not state “you are” an emotion!

Also do not affirm that you are mental states that do not serve you… “I Am stupid, I Am a klutz, I am worthless” – to state I Am any of these such things, is an act of self-harm.

Our bodies, our emotions, and our thoughts are all fleeting creations. None of them are Who We Are. Therefore, when we say “I Am” before any qualifier of body, emotions or mind, we shift our identity into the transient and ephemeral, and away from the reality of who and what we truly are – we shift our awareness from our vast selves directly into affirming and experiencing limitation.

To say “I Am” before anything transient and impermanent, is also to affirm the False and deny the True. If one does this repeatedly, not only does this create negative and restricted experiences in your life, it also forges a great wedge between your Personality Consciousness and your True Self! Cutting you off from the possibility of Soul Fusion and Enlightenment!

How do we avoid this from happening?

We must cultivate mindfulness of our words. We must only use “I Am” before experiences we want to have, and before words that are Truth – thus aligning ourselves with both positive growth and our Divine Nature.

Even so-called positive statements are often not “Truth”, but it is far better to affirm such positives, than to let all the limiting programming within us, reinforce negative states!

Therefore… “I Am whole, perfect, powerful, fit; beautiful, loving, harmonious and happy”, is a positively affirming I Am statement.
This helps reprogram our mindset and to make our Personality a better vessel for our Higher Self. There are of course many other words one could choose; for example: still, centred, expansive, compassionate, or even things like “Divine Love in Action” – if you’re a little more daring.

Don’t Confuse Who You Are

Aside from a positive mindset, the other important part of I Am statements, is not to confuse your Self with your Body!
When you say, “I Am a woman” or “I Am a man” for example… you are stating to yourself and the world “I Am this body!” To affirm such things is truly perilous. For YOU are Not your body!

To remedy this profound Affirmation of Limitation, one has to stop Thinking in this manner.
We start by catching our words and correcting them. When you hear yourself say “I Am a man”, stop and say instead:
“I Am in a male body”. Or even “I Am currently in a male body”.
Whatever sexed form you happen to be experiencing in this life-stream, remember it is transient and so always speak of it thusly.
“I Am in a female body.”
“I Am in an intersex body.”
Never speak of your body as Who You Are.

At first this will feel alien, clunky and awkward – for you will now be affirming Capital T Truth, instead of the impermanent transience you have been affirming up until now. On top of this, sadly, the great tides of society still flow against Vast Truth, and currents this sizeable are very powerful! So for a time, it could feel very discombobulating to actively affirm the Truth of who you are.
However, if you persist, you will find the awkwardness will eventually disappear, and it will be replaced with the most nectareous sense of liberation!

A New Possibility for Humanity

If we share this “elephant in the room” Spiritual Truth, and help others awaken from the grips of the Great Illusion, one day we will all be able to state: “I Am Divine Freedom itself”. And then we can get busy creating a truly Vast and Magical World that mirrors this Greater Truth, rather than perpetuating and reinforcing lives of limitation for all.

Tools for Transformation

We are The Divine in manifestation. We are whole, perfect, powerful, fit; beautiful, loving, harmonious and happy!”

This simple mantra can truly change our world – use it lavishly!!

Perfect Love

Azure Seer

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