Technology, Psychic Powers and Spiritual Growth

Changing Brainwaves at Will is Not “Spiritual”!

Changing your brain waves at will is no more “spiritual” than is consciously controlling the rate of your breathing, or the speed with which you walk on a pavement!
Being able to impact the rhythms or way our body moves, is one of the most rudimentary skills of a human being. The ability to control the physical body is either just the product of elementary focusing or is a Lower Siddhi (a low-level psychic power) – neither of which opens the way to full Awakening. And in the case of seeking Lower Siddhis, can actively block the opening of Higher Consciousness. All Siddhis are side effects of Awakening, not the goal of it. So, if you find yourself drawn to seeking to awaken “psychic powers”, you really need to take a step back and genuinely question your motives!

The manipulating of physical matter by a physically incarnate being is not Spiritual and will certainly not lead to Awakening of the Higher Consciousness via the Heart – that which is required to achieve true Enlightenment! In fact, such a focus is nearly always the result of exaggerated self-focus, and often due to deep inner trauma, compensating for low self-worth – and not the product of genuine spiritual consciousness. Important to note is that focusing on the dense form when one should be well past this level, is essentially a type of dark practice – as defined by “the wrong action at the wrong time”.

Is there a time and place for focusing on our physical self, as part of our spiritual journey?

Yes, of course! This type of focus on mastering the physical body is appropriate – for probationers, aspirants, and disciples up to the 1st degree. Because for them, they need to master their physical form. After this stage, it is presumed you have already achieved control, and bodily functions begin to sink below the threshold of consciousness – their requirements would now be habitual or innate.

However, while a physical focus is essential for seekers at this stage of their journey, this is not truly a Spiritual Focus, even when it is part of a conscious spiritual path! “Spiritual” is how we label our focus when we have turned in the seat of our consciousness – away from the dense realms of material illusion, and towards the high-vibrational planes of Reality. For it is beyond our rudimentary physical skills where our real challenge begins – when we must work towards mastering our emotions, and eventually, the mental thought patternings that create them. The mastery of body, emotions, and mind leads to integration of the entire Incarnate Personality – which, while an incredible and rare achievement, is still only preparatory work to walking the true Spiritual Path.

Yes, all stages of Discipleship, up until the Third Initiation is achieved, are in fact just preparatory. The Third is the True First; for it is at this stage that one becomes “Soul Fused” and can therefore begin to fully open to their Spirit, far beyond the Soul.

The Right Place for Technology

If we are consciously spiritual, let us not get swept up into excessive physical body focus, no matter how “clever” it is! And remember the brain is a part of the physical form, no matter amazing an organ it is. It is not the vessel of our higher consciousness, that resides in the jewel in the heart of each of our Higher Chakras.

It is true that nowadays there are gadgets that can allow us to either change our brainwaves at will or monitor the brainwaves so as to hone our focus, allowing greater ease of their manipulation. However, we must remember why these technological breakthroughs are happening, and most importantly who they are happening for – in this case the masses of humanity, who are on the verge of achieving the 1st Initiation – all those that are still rightfully Matter-focused. Those who, by and large, are not yet on a conscious spiritual journey.

It makes sense does it not, that for a humanity due to take its First Initiation during the Age of Material Science, which is governed by the 5th Ray, that part of their journey to achieve this would involve the products of that age – specifically technology!

But for those of us already well-anchored into Spiritual Focus, those of us striving to embody Genuine Wisdom, Lovingkindness and Benevolent Selfless Service, we need to put our attention at the level of Mastery we are needing to master.

In Conclusion…

To be clear, Mastery is not 100% perfection. So yes, we may still have room to grow and improve even at the dense physical level. Mastery in terms of Initiation means that we put Spirituality above Materiality, we put the Collective Good above Selfishness, we put Universality above Individuality, and we put Love above Fear… the Majority of the time.

If you are reading this post, it is fairly safe to assume you are already a conscious spiritual seeker, thus your attention should have now moved from the physical and be well-focused into mastery of your emotions or mind – therefore, you should have no use for physical technology within your spiritual path. Nor, if you are a true seeker, would you be trying to awaken psychic powers, via any means at all. To seek power is the fastest way to the Left Hand Path of Darkness!

To Your Awakening

Azure Seer

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