Should we focus on our Brainwaves?

What causes our brain to shift through various levels of wave activity?

Like all aspects of our physical bodies, the brain too is a manifestation of effects. The patterns and waves within the brain are behaving as they do, due to our focus and our inner energies. Our inner energies have been affected by all of our inner connections – whether they are our own Soul, Soul Family, the Benevolent Guardians and Masters we work with, the Collective Consciousness of Humanity, and also Dark Beings of Malevolent Intent!

Trying to compel the brainwaves into a particular state is just like taking a drug – you are trying to force the brain, the effects, to change – rather than working on the causative reasons as to why it is exhibiting the patterns in the first place.

This approach is lazy and backwards – working from Below-Up!

If one truly understands that they are a Spiritual Being, they would seek solutions to their limitations within the realm of causality, not by trying to manipulate effects. Yes we can use the manifest effects as a means of diagnosis – but this is where the physical focus needs to end. True and correct change comes from changing all that influences us, and therefore allowing these changes to ripple through to our physicality. Even changes in our diet are simply a manifestation of changes in our thinking. We have to first think differently, before we can change our physical world experience.

I am told that by using certain technology, we can train ourselves to relax; and that we will know we are truly relaxed when we can see that our brainwaves have changed. And while a breakthrough in the world of human-focused technology is a little exhilarating, we already have vast, numerous ways to cultivate relaxation – in fact, the fostering of relaxation is an elementary-level teaching and practice!
Once a person is Consciously Spiritually Focused, they have already surpassed the need to put more than a modicum of focus on this. We need only the ability to take a few deep breaths and drop into our inner stillness – if you can do this, that is all you need at this foundational level of teaching.

The only other mental skill you really need is the ability to concentrate. This too can be easily cultivated – and again there are already myriad tools available to help with this.

Beyond these two beginner-level skills is the Awakening of Love, the Opening of the Heart Centre, and therefore connecting to our Higher Self and all the genuine Light-filled Beings within the Inner Realms. And this will never happen if we continue to obsess over elementary self-focused methods and teachings!

Let’s get Real about what this type of focus tells us!

Changing your brainwaves at will is no more “spiritual” than is consciously controlling the rate of your breathing, or the speed with which you walk on a pavement!
Being able to impact the rhythms or way our body moves is one of the most rudimentary skills of a human being. The ability to control our physical body is either just the product of elementary focusing or is a Siddhi (psychic power) – neither of which opens the way to full Awakening – and in the case of seeking Siddhis, can actively block the opening of Higher Consciousness. Siddhis are side effects of awakening, and should never be the goal of it – the seeking of power is the Left Hand Path. So if you find yourself drawn to awakening “powers” you really need to take a step back and genuinely question your motives!

The manipulating of physical matter by a physically incarnate being is not Spiritual, and will certainly not lead to Awakening of the Heart – that which is required to achieve genuine Enlightenment! While one is Materially focused, they are Not Spiritually focused – these are mutually exclusive directions of focus, 180 degrees apart. You must turn your back on one, in order to see the other. You must let go of focus on the Illusory in order to see Reality.

Is there a time and place for focusing on our physical self, as part of our spiritual journey?

Yes, of course! This type of focus on mastering the physical body is appropriate – for probationers, aspirants, and disciples up to the 1st degree. Because for them, they are yet to master their physical form. However, while it is essential for seekers at this stage of their journey, it is not truly a Spiritual Focus – not yet! “Spiritual” is how we label our focus when we have turned in the seat of our consciousness – away from the dense realms of illusion, and towards the high-vibrational planes of Reality.

As mentioned earlier, we can always utilise the manifestations in our bodies, our emotions and our concrete minds as tools for diagnosis – and this can be useful for a physically incarnate being, at all levels of Awakening. But we must not allow this focus to distract us, such that we get drawn back into thinking these illusory realms are “real”. We must keep our focus anchored on the true challenges that are set before us, those we are yet to master.

For the Spiritual Being, it is beyond our rudimentary physical skills, where our real challenge begins – when we must work towards mastering our emotions, and in truth, the mental thought patternings that create them. The mastery of body, emotions, and concrete mind leads to integration of the entire Personality – which, while an incredible and rare achievement, is still only preparatory work to walking the True Spiritual Path.

Yes all stages of Discipleship, up until the 3rd Initiation is achieved, are in fact just preparatory. The 3rd is the True 1st for it is at this stage that one becomes “Soul Fused”, and can therefore begin to fully open to their Spirit, far beyond the Soul.

So let us not get swept up into excessive physical body focus, no matter how fun, “clever” or “useful” it appears to be!

Does Technology have a role to play in relation to Humanity’s Initiation?

Yes, apparently so, as it exists at this time. However we must remember why these technological breakthroughs are happening, and most importantly for whom they are happening – in this case the masses of humanity are the main focus, because they are on the verge of achieving their 1st Initiation.

It makes sense does it not, that for a humanity due to take its 1st during the Age of Material Science, which is governed by the 5th Ray, that part of their journey to achieve this would involve the products of that age – specifically technology! And so it is that many of the testings will revolve around the right and proper relationship to, and use of, technology. One form this testing will likely take, is due to the addictive nature of it. These devices and apps are usually designed to keep us deeply engaged with them, namely to keep us distracted, and therefore sadly, to pull us far from our centre within. Does this not sound like a perfect testing scenario for those trying to find the Middle Way between outer physical and deep inner focus?

The ease of communication provided by technology, therefore provides the ability to share a message far and wide, to the masses, for the masses; however it also provides the ability to share more esoteric subjects so that those ready for a deeper journey can find “the door”. Teachings aside, for those of us already genuinely Spiritually Focused, those of us striving to embody Lovingkindness and Benevolent Service, we need to put our attention at the level of Mastery we are needing to Master. If we have already passed our 1st Initiation, then the physical plane is most certainly not where our attention needs to be. Understanding the nature of each of the first three Initiations and a deep inner meditation is needed for you to determine this.

To be clear, Mastery is not 100% perfection. So yes, we may still have room to grow and improve even at the physical level. Mastery in terms of Initiation means that we put Spirituality above Materiality, we put the Collective Good above Selfishness, we put Universality above Individuality, and of course, we put Love above Fear… the vast majority of the time.

Here’s to focusing where is right – for you!

Azure Seer

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