Gem – What Makes a Teacher?

Who Can Teach Us? Who Can We Teach?

We do not need to be an Enlightened Being or Great Master to be a teacher for others. We just need to be a minimum of one step ahead of them, on the path or in the area we plan to offer teaching or service. Obviously the further along we are, the greater insights we can give, for our perspective will have greater depth and breadth.

If there are areas we ourselves need to work on, this is fine, and does not devalue what we might share. We don’t need to be perfect, just have a heart filled with genuine goodwill and lovingkindness, and have already made breakthroughs in the relevant area. The path of a true teacher is one of Humility.

A wise teacher “talks their walk”, and does not presume themselves perfect.

In seeking guidance, we only need to look for someone more experienced than us, and happy to share what they’ve learned along their journey.

If we find we are surrounded by people of equal standing in the area of focus, the best we can offer and receive is moral support – but this should not be undervalued either. There is strength in the weight of struggles shared, upon many shoulders and many hearts!

It is important that we recognise the value of what we have learned, and the breakthroughs we have made – despite the fact that we still have a journey ahead of us with more lessons and growth to come.
Of course as Spiritual Folk, we must ever remember that we are karmically responsible for whatever we teach others. However fear of negative consequences should never be a reason to diminish what we offer from Lovingkindness, and Dispassionate Compassion!

Go Forth and Share your Love and Wisdom – without censorship or apology!
Shine your Light like a Sun, into the Darkest of places, and the Darkest of people – Love All Without Fear!

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