Gem – What is your “Role” in Creating Culture?

There are 4 main roles within evolution-driven creation of culture

Some are Visionaries, drawing down Divine Visions of beauty let’s say – whose role it is to expand and inspire the consciousness of all others. These folk are often great speakers, writers, designers, and certain types of artist.

Some are Creators, those who find great joy in making – whose role it is to literally bring form to the great visions, and thereby bring Beauty into our world. These are commonly craftsfolk, builders, and makers of all persuasions.

Some are less adventurous or vast in their focus, preferring the Simplicity of Being, those who would love to live in a world of beauty – they are the Preservers who happily sustain and maintain it. These folk are often gardeners, stay-at-home parents, chefs, healers, coaches, and fitness trainers.

And then there are the Destroyers, whose role is to demolish the outdated old forms, and of course they need Heart Based Guidance, so they don’t get carried away and destroy too much lol. These folk are frequently activists, rebels, certain types of change makers, and some so-called progressive developers.

It seems to me that it is important to know, within which of these broad roles one feels drawn, and to not let the opinions of others pull you away from the direction of focus that makes your Heart sing.
Clearly we need all of these roles.

Of course what we don’t need, are the greedy, power-hungry ones who want to profit from manipulating others and hoarding great resources from all the rest! These folk are often the wolves in sheep’s clothing whose agenda is to destroy for malevolent ends, and not just to clear old debris – doing so because of depraved desires for power and control.

I said we don’t need these types who create stagnation by blocking the flow through such vast greed and desires for power over others – but do we?
Do we somehow need the folk who are motivated not by the Heart, but by Darkness?
Do they indeed fulfil an essential role, by showing us what Love is not – that we may know Light by experiencing Darkness?
Perhaps there is actually a fifth role – that of the Dark Embodiers.

Maybe however, this not so much an actual role, as it is a side effect of Evolution. That as we grow, it always the Darkness embodied in those who represent our past, and who are clearly not yet Heart Based, that shows us what happens when we do not strive for and embrace Love and Light! Hmmmm

Coming back to the conscious creation of culture…
Q: Which of the 4 Roles do you see yourself within?
Q: What are the signposts from throughout your life that point the way to revealing this?

And finally, now you are considering your role in conscious evolution, I hope this helps to fortify your sense of self, allowing greater inner resilience for walking your path.

Love Love

Azure Seer

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