Gem – The Nature of Thought on the Spiritual Path

Thoughts can limit us or ease the way to liberation!

As we think, so we create. And it is both the Nature and Content of our thoughts that either opens or closes the way to our Higher Selves. That we think is a given, but the quality of those thoughts is imperative to consider. For the directional focus of our thoughts will define whether we stay languishing in downwards-without, low-vibration, self-focused limitation; or if we become upwards-within, high-vibration-focused Love-enabled beings. Do we rigidly cling to the thoughts that reinforce our experience as separated individualistic dense physical beings, or do we open to and allow new thoughts to permeate our minds – those that reveal our true nature as deeply connected spiritual beings inhabiting these dense forms? Are your thoughts allies on the Path, or do they actively keep you limited?

In essence, on the path, you are being taught to Think Differently!
Reflect on what this statement means – “To think differently”.

It means we on the Spiritual Path must be open to learning about new things we have never encountered before, and also (perhaps especially) to think differently about the things we do already know something about. For those on the path of the Ageless Wisdom, it means always co-measuring knowledge, thoughts, ideas and teachings against the Esoteric Science we have the great honour of having access to.

What about Mindfulness and detached observation of our thoughts?

Some might say the true spiritual path is through Mindfulness and being able to distance oneself from their thoughts, and of course this is also true – what I am sharing is not at odds with this. For what I do know, is it is far easier to rest in objective detached mindful stillness, when the nature and content of our thoughts is deeply aligned with Authentic Truth!

To go just a little deeper… The mind never stops being mind, it will always generate thoughts, that is what it is designed to do. But if those thoughts cause racing mind, or trigger strong emotions and then suffering in the physical world, it will be much more difficult to keep one’s vibration “high” and focus centred. Following from this, it will be near impossible to achieve or maintain a mindful presence, and the link to our Higher Self will become weak and unclear – if indeed a conscious connection is at all possible during such states!

Yes, on a Spiritual Path one must be open to thinking differently about nearly everything they have learned – in fact much un-learning will likely ensue.

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