Gem – Mind Cannot Master Mind

We master a lesser pattern with a greater force

Just as you cannot use violence to correct violence, or darkness to extinguish darkness – you cannot use your mind to completely master your mind!

If you strive to silence your mind, control your mind, or master mindfulness, by using your mind to “tell your mind to be silent”… you are either doomed to failure, or a Very Long Road before success will be achieved! Why?

Because you cannot use the same thing to control a thing. You must work from above-down. You need a greater force, a greater perception, a greater Light – to illumine and therefore clear the darkness of the lesser nature or low-vibratory qualities.

In the case of working to quiet the mind, you cannot use the mind. This is like trying to put out a fire with petrol! At least you cannot use the Concrete Mind to silence itself – this is circular absurdity!

Of course we can make basic progress by using higher qualities of the mind, to change or control the lower ones. But in order to master the mind fully and completely, we need to work from a place higher than the mind.

What, you may ask, is higher than the mind?

Firstly, let us understand the mind that we experience has 2 aspects or levels to it – the Concrete and the Abstract. The concrete being the lower aspect, the abstract the higher.

What most people experience as “mind” is their concrete mind. It takes care of all the day-to-day tasks, is that which we use for reason and discernment, and is the chatty part that narrates or comments on everything we experience. As I said, it is the larger part of what most experience as “their mind”.
However the abstract mind, which focuses more on abstract principles, vast concepts and deeper ideas, is also within our reach. Thus we can use elements of the abstract to master the concrete.

Of great note, is that it is within this Abstract Mental level of the inner planes that our Soul also exists – that vast and luminous vessel of stored experiences – from all of our past lives. Therefore, once we have mastered enough of our lower nature, we then have the chance to consciously connect to our Soul, and herein we will find all we need to completely master our minds.
Yes… the Soul is a Greater Light that we can utilise, above-down, to illuminate all that vibrates beneath it.

Some may disagree when I say that we must master “enough” of ourselves to enable Conscious Soul Contact. Believing that as the Soul is who we are, we should always be able to consciously connect to it, at any time of our choosing. However… how could one possibly hear the gentle intuitive voice of their Soul at a live music concert? Or possibly observe the beauty in a flower whilst a cyclone rages around them? For this is generally how it is within a human being. The voluminous cyclonic agitation is akin to the minds and emotions of the un-mastered person! It is only when everything within is brought to stillness, that one has any chance to see and hear in the higher realms.

To become a Living Embodiment of the vast greatness of our True Self, verily we must cease all outer agitation. We must relax the body, still the emotions, and quiet the mind – and in this state we must dwell.

Azure Seer

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