Gem – Don’t ask “How Are You?”

Does your Question of Greeting focus your friend into their emotions, or into clarity of mind and alignment with Conscious Creation?

Asking how someone “is”, is asking them about the Effects currently manifest in their life – from all the Causes they have previously set in motion. And usually, the question is aimed at eliciting how they feel about these effects, and rarely what they think about them.

A far more useful question we could ask is one that brings a person to presence, so they become conscious in that moment, of what seeds they are sowing: “Hey there, what are you thinking?”, or more casually: “Hey, what ya thinkin?” for example.

Both questions will give you a glimpse into your friend’s current state of being – but the former causes them to focus on the products of the past, that which is present now from their previous creative energies; whereas the latter liberates their focus from their past manifestations and brings them to consciousness in the “True Now”, thus enabling them to observe themselves in creation!

Connecting Deeper in Creative Presence

If you both have time for a deeper interaction, after your friend answers, you can ask: “And what else are you thinking?”. This can be done several times. And then followed by: “Beneath or deeper down, what thoughts are you ruminating or cogitating on?”
“And what else, deeper than this?”

After your friend has found and revealed all of their current thoughts, you can follow with a powerful reflective question: “Do all of these thoughts support and bring you closer to your Life Vision and Purpose, or do they take you away from it?”

After this, you can swap roles, and allow your friend to assist you to see what you’re thinking and creating.
In this way both of you can be of service to each other whilst getting true insights into “how” the other currently is.

To presence shared…
Azure Seer

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