Gem – Below is Not As Above!

We believe that “below” is “as above” – but truly it is not as we think!

As sometimes Words are a limited expression of the complexity and depth of our Thoughts; so the Outer World is not a direct, precise reflection of the Inner.

“As Above, So Below” is not Literal.

Reality changes wildly when it is slowed down in vibration!! The Material is a poor reflection of the Spiritual.

This was even put clearly in the Bible… Man (below) was created in the image of God (above) – “the image”. When was the last time you believed the image of an apple was the same thing as an apple – and tried to eat it!?

Therefore when we use the Finite to understand the Infinite, we only ever get vague approximations of the complexity and depth of the Divine!
The low-vibrational concrete reality can Never truly reflect the Magnificence of the high-vibrational Divine reality – not even close.
Therefore you can never fully know Spiritual Reality through knowing the Material. You must expand into the high-vibrational realms of Love and Light to know the Divine as it truly is. And even once there, you will discover there are higher realms beyond your ability to perceive and comprehend!

From our everyday Material level, we only glimpse Reality as it is – at best.

If therefore, we wish to perceive the higher reality as it actually is, we need to develop the Eye that Sees. Our dense organs of perception can only perceive within their own substrate of reality. We need to awaken our extra-sensory organs if we wish to truly see – or see truly!

And this starts with accepting that our perception of the Divine has to be by nature, a flawed projection of our perceptions of Below, onto Above.

Truth liberates… and knowing that we cannot possibly know without true Enlightenment, begins our journey – by shattering an extremely limiting illusion!

Let us set the Infinite Free – so we can experience it without our low-level projections.

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