The Present Global Initiation Opportunity – an esoteric perspective

The Testing Grounds are Ripe – for a Fruitful Forward Step.

As we discover when we study deeper esoterica, there is a fair wealth of abstract information available in the modern world now. However there is also an extreme lack when it comes to Living the Path Esoteric. All we really have are somewhat veiled accounts of disciples and their Masters from 50-100 years ago and older. Our world is not the same as it was then.
There has indeed been a quickening of sorts and mostly due to the little known fact that Humanity as a Whole Kingdom is about to collectively take its 1st Initiation – or the chance for this has been offered.

Presently, we are seeing the Testing Grounds – the conditions needed, to give Humanity the chance to demonstrate Love and Wisdom, in relation to Money, Sex, and Material Comforts; and in parallel, to Spiritual Law versus Man-made Laws – all the elements requiring mastery at the level of the 1st Initiation.

We have been offered Teachings of Wisdom and then Love for over 2000 years, and now it is up to us to Awaken and Embody this knowledge within our lives and societies.

Let us briefly explore each of these 4 arenas of the 1st Initiation…

What is the correct and Heart Based Relation to Money?

I can give you a few clues: “We cannot profit from the suffering of others” – to do so is the way of Evil! A lesson needing learning by many still, in the modern world!

To answer a calling to serve, to heal, is to also answer a calling to live in alignment with the Heart. The Heart is about Balance, so never taking more than you truly need, nor sacrificing your own wellbeing while in service.

In terms of money this means, if you spend all your time in spiritual service, you still need to “earn an income” – but spiritual gifts, that which comes from the Divine, must be given freely, as they are given to you! Therefore we charge for our time – not our energies or insights.
The choice to live a life of service is also a choice to live a life of humbleness and humility – for this too is the Way of the Heart.
If you are seeking for yourself, something other than a humble beautiful life, you are Not living in alignment with your Heart – no matter how you justify it!

We must cultivate generosity of spirit, with this concretised energy we call money. To understand it is in fact energy – and that we therefore never own it. And like all energy, it must be kept moving – hoarding creates stagnation – not to mention stinginess of spirit!

The Heart Based Relation to Sex?

This topic is a minefield for many – but the answer is simple.
See people as Souls incarnate, make sure you do not limit them in your mind to mere bodies or objects, and be certain all of your interactions, physically, emotionally and mentally are based in Love, respect and mutual expansiveness.

Be aware of any attachments and addictions, and heal these.
Understand we are not our bodies, and therefore whether these forms we wear are male, female, intersex; attracted to the same, opposite or other sex; and whatever their nationality – all of these things are just part of the rich tapestry of the Human Species. Therefore we should never bring judgement to any type or nature of Love Based Relationship. That is, one steeped in mutual giving and True Harmlessness.

Folk of All genders and All persuasions are guilty of treating the energetic merging we call sex, as casual as a handshake – this Heart-less type of connection is the only real “sin” – if one wants to use such a word.
Whenever Love is present and embodied in a pairing, tripling or other grouping – there is never any cause for judgement – but indeed a celebration!

What about a Heart Based Relation to Material Comforts?

An indication of this, is best summed up in the words of Gandhi: “The rich must live more simply, so the poor may simply live”.

In essence it is our responsibility to heal all the patterns we inherited from our family lines and the societies we grew up in, and therefore find the path to Living Lightly on the Earth. Not consuming or using more than we truly need. Not indulging greedily when others go without. Not to be foolish and cripple ourselves – but maintaining ourselves well, so we are fit and able to serve. But most definitely putting our consumerism in its rightful place!

It is wise at this point to remember there is a fine line of balance between having an environment of simple Beauty as a sacred space and sanctuary from the world, and becoming so comfortable one begins to stagnate. Languishing in Lush is not Heart Based!
Creating a shared sanctuary of humble light beauty as a place to nurture you whilst embracing the rigours of the path, this is a different type of creation – but as you can see, a fine line.

Of course material comforts rears its head in many other areas of a person’s life and living. First class or five-star anything, needing the latest and best and brand-new whatever device, overpriced fashion labels, the “new scent” endorsed by this or that celebrity. Single use anything, really. And let’s not forget all those nutritionally deficient, highly processed products falsely labelled as food! Including those murder-based animal products (all animal products) that stain one’s energies and rack up massive karmic debts of woe – when there are wholefood plant-based alternatives available.
One could go on and on about all the ridiculous levels of material comforts we indulge in – there is an abundance of unnecessary and wasteful overconsumption in the modern world.

And finally what about Spiritual Law versus Man-made Laws?

There are many things we have created as Laws or Rules that govern our lives in society and daily life – not all, in fact quite possibly not many of these, are truly Heart Based!

We cannot just go about as anarchists and ignore all of these laws; but we must indeed recognise that most are rules put in place by the Few to control the Many. And so we must strive to awaken the knowledge of Heart Based Governance and then work to implement it into our modern-day systems.
This is a vast perspective point.

In a more personal regard it means, be aware of the laws of your society, but try and live within them without compromising Spiritual Truth. Sometimes “skilful means” are necessary for this.

Remember therefore, regardless of whether it is legal to “rip someone off” by charging inflated prices; to “rape the land of resources”; to “discriminate against someone” by not offering them the same service you would to others; or to “force your will or your version of truth onto another” – these examples are not Heart Based Practices – so choose the Heart Way wherever you can!


As you can now likely see, the world is primed and ready, abounding with the right conditions and testing grounds for our collective 1st Initiation. What an opportunity!

Coming back to Initiation Conditions

Initiation is an awakening due to the demonstration and Mastery of all elements of the relevant level, within the precise conditionings set up for the demonstration.

Firstly it must be a testing or difficult situation, for it is easy to be at peace or feeling self-mastered under perfect conditions – to be peaceful in peaceful conditions demonstrates little to nothing resembling mastery. To remain at peace under tumultuous conditions – now this demonstrates some degree of fortitude and personal mastery!

Secondly, all the usual supports must be withdrawn, both inner and outer.
This must be a demonstration of Self-Mastery; meaning you, and you alone, must be capable of meeting the required conditions; for a sustained period, within the testing environment.

This means your usual mental or physical capacities could be reduced. The friends and family members that you depend on could be estranged or temporarily removed altogether. Your subtle connections to any inner plane Beings and even this entire faculty, can be muted for a time.

The conditions are designed for you, so that you are left with only yourself – hoping you’ll reach deep within and connect more fully to your own vaster Self – and to bring forth from that Self all the support you need.

You are never given more than you can handle – though often it does not feel like this during Initiation Testings! It always seems like the universe is asking more of you than you have to give.
Welcome to the Burning Grounds!

What about Group Initiations?

I’m glad you asked.
For those folk who are working as part of an integrated group of seekers, eventually, if circumstances are favourable, then yes there is the possibility of the group as a singular entity, itself undergoing Initiation Testings. This is not so common, as a significant number of the individuals need to have all personally passed the Initiation the group is striving towards. Humanity as a whole is a group, and so the conditions of Group Initiation definitely apply to the current Global Opportunity.
Many are the number of 1st Degree Initiates on Earth, and vast are the numbers of those Disciples ready to be tested – and so the opportunity is now.

The primary difference between Group versus Individual Initiations, is the load placed on the shoulders of those standing. It will be more than any individual or pairing can handle alone. The load is designed to be carried by the many! It is expected that all members of the group will reach out, connect, and support each other to collectively work through the conditions of the Burning Ground. But like with Individual Testings – nearly all supports are removed. All the inner plane help that kept the Dark Beings and dark patterns in check, is withdrawn.

It is so because a big part of this process requires coming face to face with our shadow – with the part of our collective consciousness that embodies malevolence – that which collectively limits us the most!
So the full brilliance and horror of our mutually created version of reality stands revealed.
In the face of this, we must pull together, and then find and embody Love, Wisdom and Benevolence.

It really does necessitate collective fortitude.
This process requires us to seat our consciousness in our shared commonalities.
And it needs the Heart Based Visionaries amongst us, to stand up, to shine forth the Light of the High Places, and for us all to band together in this Light of Love – no matter how the Dark Ones kick and scream and fight to maintain their “power over” stories of living.

Remember that just as a frightened dog bites – we can therefore rightfully expect much growling, gnashing of teeth, and attempts to bite our Agents of Love, by those seeking to maintain dominance and control over us all. Similarly… where a dog may not be concerned by a singular bee, a swarm united with a singular vision has great power! So let us unite in our shared Love – and pollinate all those flowers opening within the consciousness of humanity – that they may all bear the Fruits of Love! For it is radiant, generous Love that calms a frightened dog.

Q: Humanity, can we do this?

Have we awakened enough Insight and Love, to see we are All Souls Incarnate – we are all One Kingdom, despite our differing points of view?
Can we yet recognise that a Being of Love never forces their Will onto others?
They never arrogantly say “This is the Truth, so you all must submit” – that is the way of Darkness!

We are fast approaching circumstances on Earth where this element of Love, of personal sovereignty, is about to be seriously tested!

Only Fear says: “You must comply”!
Love speaks in the voice of consideration: “Have you considered this?” And then allows for diversity of response.

We’re going to need much “collective consideration”, if we are going to pass the Testings set before us.

I am now endeavouring to increase my writings as much as possible, in order to explore as many elements at play within the Global Alchemical Crucible we are currently within.

Initiations are not like sitting an exam – they require demonstration of Love over an extended period. We are well into these conditions, but the horizon is still a distance away. There is time therefore to awaken even more Collective Love-Wisdom.

Let’s band together in the Heart and seek the Joy in the Tumult, as we strive to Master All 4 elements of Humanity’s 1st Initiation!

Love Love

Azure Seer

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