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Gem – We Cannot Create Apart from Others

We must clear all levels of limitation What our conscious selves choose is definitely affected by what our unconscious selves choose! Therefore as individuals, if we are striving consciously to create a better life, we eventually come up against the effects of the limiting patterns within our unconsciousness. We must take action, seek them out, […]

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On Enlightenment and Beauty

Universal Oneness is an Enlightened Perspective When incarnate Souls look around and see men and women, heterosexuals and homosexuals; when they see different races, and different nations (and all other such “identities”) – the result of this is an unenlightened culture of separation – for it is only the unenlightened mind that perceives such divisions.

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It may be the 20’s, but don’t get in a Flap!

Some History – or more so “Her-story” The “Flappers” were a movement of young Western Women during the 1920’s. They were known not only for their unique, now famous, dance style – but they were also social rebels! They flaunted their disdain for so-called acceptable behaviour. They wore “too much” makeup, treated sex in a

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