On Achieving Integrated High Vibration

Many who seek High-vibrational Consciousness repeatedly make choices that guarantees they will never achieve it! Are you one of the many who talks about Raising your Vibration?If so, are you taking the basic steps, before getting all caught up in the fanciful thoughts of more advanced possibilities – ie are you authentic, integrated and grounded

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Gem – On Religion, Peace and Veganism

It is our Actions that Evidence our Beliefs “Religion speaks of peace, but it is Veganism that actually practices it. Actions speak louder than words.”  ~ unknown Of course when someone speaks of “religion”, they are speaking in the broadest of ways. Religions are comprised of individual people, so when considering religion as a whole

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Question – Balancing Emotional Opposites

Q: Which pair of opposites do I most need to balance? This question has at its foundation, the intention of expanding beyond Duality Consciousness. Duality is often described as two Qualities or States that are opposite to each other.Dualities exist at all levels of the Personality – physical, emotional and mental. However as our emotions

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On The Power of Words and Conscious Greetings

Exploring the Importance of Speaking Authentically and Consciously in the Present We know that creative energies follow our focus, especially when focalised through our words, as words carry the Divine Energy of Creation. Therefore it is most wise to use them with consciousness! How do we use the power of our words to consciously create

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