Relating to Matter and Liberation

Matter and Limitation Our relationship to Matter can have a variety of powerful impacts upon us, depending on the nature of the relationship. Physical objects or dense Matter especially, can trap us in the most severe patterns of limitation. However, our physical possessions are not themselves the true problem, it is our relationship to them, […]

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Question – Balancing Emotional Opposites

Q: Which pair of opposites do I most need to balance? This question has at its foundation, the intention of expanding beyond Duality Consciousness. Duality is often described as two Qualities or States that are opposite to each other.Dualities exist at all levels of the Personality – physical, emotional and mental. However as our emotions

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Gem – Beliefs, Imagination and Love

Three Gems for Contemplation and Inspiration Beliefs Change as we Evolve Everything you believe now, will eventually be replaced with a greater truth or more accurate understanding! Attachment Creates Suffering. Therefore live with non-attachment so as to avoid this unnecessary pain. Do not over-invest into your beliefs, for these too shall pass. While forward growth

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