The Limits of Mindfulness

What Is Mindfulness? The most common version of Mindfulness Practice is Stillness Mindfulness, which is sitting still and releasing awareness of all that is going on in one’s life, surroundings, thoughts, emotions, and body. To sit still and hold one’s attention on a singular point of focus like a candle flame or the breath moving […]

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On Questions, Noise, and Knowledge

Without Conscious Questions, Information is Just Noise! There is little point or value in continuously exposing your mind to more and more thoughts and information, for without prepared space within you, it will either simply pass through you, not sticking at all, or it will lead to overwhelm and confusion. We need somewhere for the

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On Feeling Literacy and Resonance

Emotional Intelligence is not the same as Feeling Literacy We’ve possibly all heard of the concept of Emotional Intelligence, which refers to how aware and considerate we are of our own and other’s emotions, and sometimes includes our degree of emotional control. However, our emotions are but one of seven different and distinct levels or

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Gem – Focus Determines Vibration and Energy

Our Focus Determines the Quality of Our Awareness Our Focus will determine not just the size of our Minds, but also the quality of our Awareness and Level of Vibration and Energy! We have all heard the expression: “Small minds speak about People, Average minds speak about Events, Great minds speak about Ideas.” But did

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How Mindful Are You?

When not sitting still “practising” Mindfulness, how mindful are you? Is your awareness present in what your body is doing?Is your awareness present in your task or activity? Are you consciously and mindfully creating your activity?Are you aware of the likely effects of the actions you are taking? Both how your current actions will affect

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