On Achieving Integrated High Vibration

Many who seek High-vibrational Consciousness repeatedly make choices that guarantees they will never achieve it! Are you one of the many who talks about Raising your Vibration?If so, are you taking the basic steps, before getting all caught up in the fanciful thoughts of more advanced possibilities – ie are you authentic, integrated and grounded

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Gem – Mindfulness verses Spiritual Alchemy

Mindfulness is about Awareness, Spiritual Alchemy is about Transmutation Mindfulness is mastery of your relationship to your thoughts. Spiritual Alchemy is mastery of the content of those thoughts. (One small aspect of Spiritual Alchemy) The mind is our focusing tool of creation. Its usefulness is directly proportionate to our relationship to it, in small part;

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My Journey – Lessons on Consensus Reality!

I learned recently of the importance of focusing on “what I want, and what I love”, rather than “what I don’t”! When you draw attention to issues within society, the jackals of consensus reality all come out, gnashing their teeth and growling at you to conform! It is stressful and overwhelming and not something enjoyable

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On Enlightenment and Beauty

Universal Oneness is an Enlightened Perspective When incarnate Souls look around and see men and women, heterosexuals and homosexuals; when they see different races, and different nations (and all other such “identities”) – the result of this is an unenlightened culture of separation – for it is only the unenlightened mind that perceives such divisions.

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