Should We Always Illumine The Darkness?

An exploration of the responsibilities of all spiritually aware, Heart Based Beings. Especially of the “Lumineers”; those esoterically trained in “Divine Alchemy – wielding light in service of all beings”. Questions: What should we do when we witness Evil or Darkness? Is it ever correct to Not remove or clear the Malevolent or Dark Energies? …

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Quote – The Future of All Darkness

“The future of all Ignorance is to be transformed into Enlightened Wisdom; just as the future of all Darkness is to be transmuted into Light. At the fulcrum of these changes stands the Divine Alchemist.” ~ Jocah Le Fey, Spiritual Writer, Alchemist and Artist

How Mindful Are You?

When not sitting still “practising” Mindfulness, how mindful are you? Is your awareness present in what your body is doing?Is your awareness present in your task or activity? Are you consciously and mindfully creating your activity?Are you aware of the likely effects of the actions you are taking? Both how your current actions will affect …

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Gem – Mindfulness verses Spiritual Alchemy

Mindfulness is about Awareness, Spiritual Alchemy is about Transmutation Mindfulness is mastery of your relationship to your thoughts. Spiritual Alchemy is mastery of the content of those thoughts. (One small aspect of Spiritual Alchemy) The mind is our focusing tool of creation. Its usefulness is directly proportionate to our relationship to it, in small part; …

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On High-Vibrational Reality, Judgement and Spiritual Alchemy

You will never find where to stand in life by focusing through the separating mind – only the high-vibrational reality of the Heart can reveal this to you. There are a lot of theories and confusion abounding in the world chat-o-sphere at present.Far from my desire is to add more noise to this cacophony. However, …

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Mantra – Invoking Divine Protection

This Mantra is a powerful Invocation. Its intention is as the title says – a Mantra of Protection.One would use this particular version when there is darkness of some form already present in your life or circumstances. This particular Mantra is not a “preventative” one, it is an invocation for a time of need. Like …

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