Gem – Evolution Beyond Body Consciousness

To be body-focused is to be matter-identified – and this is a profoundly limiting focus to hold.

The shift beyond body consciousness, is so very enormous. It is a full Reality shift. It is a conscious move from the Human Kingdom, into the Spiritual or Divine Kingdom.

However unlike the shift from the mineral to plant kingdom, plant to animal kingdom, or the animal to human kingdom – it is a complete paradigm shift in terms of creation. Why?

Because now we are beginning the journey to leave behind the aeons of patternings of dual-sexed reproductive bodies that we have experienced as animals and then humans. And we are shifting into oneness-based creation, instead of dualistic reproduction. (Of course there are examples of reproduction in the plant and animal kingdoms that are not dual-sex based, but these are by far the exception rather than the norm.)

This expansion in consciousness is radically different because most of our history is Matter-based, and so deeply woven into it, is physical sex and reproduction. However to evolve beyond matter-based consciousness, is to awaken to spirit-based consciousness – which is a liberation from, sex, sexual identity and reproductive consciousness altogether. Because all of these are processes and identities attached to our dense forms. Whereas these identities were present in the earlier animal, plant and human kingdoms, in some form or other; in the Spiritual Kingdom, creation is not a matter of dense matter. And so is not restricted to two matched biological forms reproducing. Creation becomes purely a matter of energy.

This is very different to all of our experience as matter-identified beings.

Just to be clear, I am not in any way saying we need to be celibate whilst in incarnation as a human being – not at all! Perpetuation of the species, as well as awakening Love through deep, intimate, Heart Based connections, most certainly have their place in our physical lifestreams.

I am here speaking only of the higher forms of creation, and of the nature of non-physical reality – beyond the physical, astral and lower mental planes. And I am also speaking of once we have finished with the necessary cycles of rebirth into flesh altogether.

There comes a point in our evolutionary journey where we realise as an embodied truth that we are not our physical, astral or mental bodies – that we are Spirit temporarily embodied in dense matter – and to identify with and as these lower bodies, creates for us an extreme limitation to our True and Radiant Selves!

This is so because… in the vast realms of Spirit (above the lower four subplanes of the mental plane), there is no sex or gender as we understand it. Yes there is still masculine, feminine, and child energy patterns, but no gender or sex – therefore creation is an entirely different matter.

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