Gem – Being Open to Possibilities Can Drain Us

An ‘open door’ leaches energy!

When we hold the door of possibility open, when we are “open to possibilities”, an amount of energy is being used – constantly, in the background, until we choose a direction and close the door to all other possibilities at that time. An open door leaches energy!

Mulling things over, reflecting on things, contemplating possibilities, weighing things up, sitting with things, vacillation, procrastination – all of these practices are forms of indecision. And while we are juggling potential actions, all possibilities are held within our mind, using up active memory and inner resources.

There is a time and place for reflection and processing – but be aware – this consumes mental resources, time, and energy. The more possibilities we are considering, and the longer we reflect upon them, without making firm decisions, the greater the energy that is being used and depleted.

So, if we then choose to do another task that also requires energy – especially a mentally demanding one – we are then multitasking, which is to say, doing several things poorly.

The leaching stops once a decision is made

Once a choice is made, once we decide, and choose to commit to it – all the energy being used in Possibility then becomes available for Actuality. Within our psyche, we are then doing fewer tasks, which is to say, working better – with more of our processing power and fuel freed up and available. A singular focus, without ongoing vacillation in the background, stops our precious inner resources from leaching away.

Does indecisive vacillation equate to ugliness?

It could be said, that being open to possibilities is actually the same as being vague and noncommitted – or energetically fuzzy.

Fuzzy equates to undefined – not clear, not sharp, not having defined presence, not being striking – Not having any of the qualifiers that we use to define Beauty!
Therefore, could we go so far as to say that fuzzy, noncommitted, indecisive contemplation equates to beige – to ugly? Could these vacillating, non-impeccable states, combined with ever-draining energy, actively block our True Beauty, our clear interconnected brilliance?

Confident decision-making followed by clear concise action, without overstepping into bloated self-importance and pride, comes with the added benefit of contained and focused energy, which manifests as a radiant, charismatic, and alluring personality – one that many would consciously describe as beautiful, or unconsciously be drawn to, without recognising the magnetism of embodied beauty.

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