Gem – Acknowledging Thoughts and Feelings

We must acknowledge what is, in order to free ourselves to consciously create what will be!

Feelings want to be felt.
Thoughts want to be heard.
Both want to be consciously acknowledged.

If busy and/or overwhelmed, it is wise to Stop, and open to what you’re feeling and thinking. Write it down. This will help enormously!

Consciously acknowledging “What thoughts and feelings are Present”, completes the reason why some of them exist in the first place – all they are seeking is your attention. So once they are acknowledged, you will find the thoughts and feelings release, and you will feel freed up!

Any thought that is dwelt upon eventually manifests into our emotions, and sometimes very quickly. Once this process of manifestation has gotten into our feelings, we really do need to stop and consciously acknowledge both the thoughts and feelings, or else they Will journey all the way down and materialise into our Physical Bodies!
If the thoughts are positively empowering, and they are generating expansive inspiration, then Great Wellbeing is likely to follow. But if they are contracting and stressful – then your wellness Will Become Challenged!

As all physical conditions are the product of our previous thoughts and feelings, if we are conscious at these levels, while the thoughts and feelings are themselves present, we can avoid the limiting patterns from manifesting into our bodies. This happens through experiencing them consciously.

Never underestimate the power of the simple act of Being Present to what you are thinking and feeling. In fact all conscious growth depends on your ability to be, well, conscious. If you deny or ignore your thoughts and feelings, they will continuously pull at you, seeking your attention. If they are not acknowledged on their own levels, they will manifest into your body – to force your attention!

Consider This…

How can you ever develop awareness at the high-vibrational levels of causality, if are not aware at the lower-vibratory levels? Of course, you cannot. If you are unable to be present here at Personality levels, you have zero chance of being present in your causal depth!

So free yourself up, through your presence with what’s present, and then opening deeper.

Remember that we create to experience. So bring your conscious attention to what you have created, and this will pave the way to being aware of what you are creating.
And once you become aware in the moment of creation, you then have a chance of becoming the Master of Your Life, rather being an Unconscious Slave to it.

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