Gem – Acidic Verses Alkaline Consciousness

Your Body Reflects Your Consciousness

When the body is in an Acidic state, your consciousness is in a closed, contracted, and separated condition. When the body is in an Alkaline state, your consciousness is in an open, expansive, and connected condition.

The body is not a Principle, it is an illusory and impermanent reflection of our Living Soul and state of mind. Therefore, when we are making choices in daily life that manifest within the body as ‘contracted acidity’, it means we have been functioning mentally, for some time, in disconnected separative consciousness. We have not been functioning from our expansive, connected Heart and Soul.

How can any being truly make decisions of a Loving and Kind manner in an acidic condition? Simply, they cannot! There will always be some degree of selfishness present due to the isolated disconnection. It can be no other way. Love manifests as an expansive, connected, generous, and ‘alkaline’ connectedness. Selfishness and Hate manifest as a contracted, separative, unkind, and ‘acidic’ self-focus.

We can ‘Alkalise’ our Life and Culture

Whilst working from Above-Down, changing our state of mind through aligning it to the Heart; we can use that impetus to simultaneously work from ‘Below-Up’, and choose to make changes in how we live day-to-day.

We can choose to consume a diet of foods and beverages that are predominantly alkaline forming. We can decide to do simple meditative relaxation practices, regular exercise, something creative, or spend time in the sun; to combat stress – a known creator of bodily acidity.

And, of course, for those of us with a spiritual focus, we can choose to align the concrete mind with the abstract mind, thus, paving the way to conscious soul connection – and the vast expansiveness of the Kingdom of Souls.

The best ways to achieve this are through study of abstract principles and ideas, cultivating selflessness through genuinely Benevolent Service, opening to include and work with others whilst striving to develop higher group consciousness, and consciously building the Antahkarana, the connective bridge, between your Crown Centre and Soul.

In the end, it becomes abundantly clear that: Our choices are not separate to our consciousness, they are reflective of it!

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